Making a mountain out of a molehill

You ever feel like you’ve been busy, but it doesn’t seem like you’ve been doing much?

I only feel that way right now because I haven’t blogged about anything I’ve done in a while due to the fact that a lot of what I do is pretty random and might not be deserving of writing about, but I gotta write about something, so I’m going to hype up some stuff I’ve done recently and see if it ends up that it was cooler than I thought it was.

If not, you read this far, might as well look at my pictures.

Well, I got Halo: Reach last Tuesday (thanks Crystal!), and I have been playing the crap out of it for a week. That’s cool right?

It is just like Halo 3 but better, and more polished. And better looking. And cooler cause it’s new. Right?
Also last Tuesday, I had some friends over to watch the Sounders lose again in the Champions League!!!! :(:(:(:( They suck against international opponents. It was still cool. Played some Halo: Reach, some FIFA 10 (11 is out like 2 weeks from now!), had pizza and this……………..

A Thanksgiving staple for me and my other other family. You just wouldn’t understand (unless I explained it to you). I’ve had 1 so far, but I’m saving at least 2 for Thanksgiving. It’s important that I carry my weight.

What else, what else…….Oh, we went to a farewell bbq for a guy Crystal works with, had some Rogue beer again and sat at a fire pit.

Last weekend I went hiking with Adam. Rattlesnake Ridge again, 4 miles total, 730 am. Not the funnest thing ever, but I’m out of shape, so I must punish thyself.

The view from 1100 ft up. Breath taking right? Couldn’t seem more than 30 feet in front of you, usually from here you can see straight down into the valley.

And…..Howard got me this awesome backpack. It’s seriously the most useful backpack I’ve ever owned.
Looks nice yea?

Well, it also has a camera pouch for the DSLR and lenses and such.

Oh, and laptop pouch and stuff too???? Crazy right????

Also finally went to the pub for the EPL season for the first time this year on Sunday. That was good. Played some soccer on Wednesday and Saturday morning. Went to a wedding, I guess I’ve done more than I thought. I should probably do a better job of documenting if I’m going to share it, and not look totally random like this in the future.



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