The XX – Paramount Theater

Another weekend full of things done. The unexpected event was Saturday night, going to see The XX, an English group on tour. I had heard their song on the radio before, but didn’t know who they were, so when our friend Roy said he grabbed us some tickets, I had no idea what I was in for.

We started the evening at Kushibar, nice little bar/restaurant down on 2nd ave in Belltown. Dinner and a couple drinks, food was good and price was decent, I want to go back and try a few of the other dishes.

Walked a bit down to the Paramount, thinking we were going to miss the first act, didn’t realize there was a second act. Warpaint I guess is the name of the band. The music was good, but I really dig the drums that they have going on. Funny thing is, when I look up the music online now, the drums really aren’t featured very strongly which sucks.

Finally came The XX. I really like the simplicity of the music. Gives off a White Stripes vibe, a little more complex with an extra guitar, and a beat machine instead of a drum, but they don’t get too deep or too complex at any time. It was an amazing light display that went well with the music, the only problem was I was in the nosebleed section which unfortunately the lights were not meant for, as they constantly were pointed straight into my eyes and I was slightly blinded for half the show. But what I could see was really cool.

Yea yea, iPhone camera sucks in the dark, whatever.

Just make sure if you go to their show, you sit on the lowest level, otherwise you will be blinded and have a hard time enjoying the light show.

Ended the night getting a cupcake, stopping by Kushibar again for a midnight snack and headed home.


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