Bringing in 2011 – international party time

I find New Years to be one of the greatest days to celebrate, only because everyone celebrates it at the same time. Doesn’t matter what religion, age, race, nationality. Everyone celebrates new years. For this reason, it is the best time to have a huge party with everyone everywhere.

New Years was supposed to be quiet this year. Leaving it up to Crystal, she was not wanting to go anywhere and stay at home in pajamas.

Fine with me. I got my way last year, we went out and partied it up, if she wanted a quiet new years, no problem.

T minus 4 days until 2011. Crystal is on the phone with her friend, and someone mentions going to Vancouver. I say let’s go, thinking no way she would go for it. She does. We spend the next 24 hours trying to find a hotel with a room. This is not easy with 3 days left. I must have called 5 places and finally land a place at the Westin on Robson St, 3 blocks from Granville Street. The Westin is right next to the library, which looks like the coliseum.

Granville St is a magical place, where the city of Vancouver in their infinite wisdom has decided that no cars should drive down this street, and drunk people should roam freely. I love Granville St.

December 31st, we pick up some friends and head to Canada. We get some food, get ready for the night and around 11 head out to find a bar with no cover. Apparently, all the clubs wanted 100+ dollars for the privilege of partying on their premises, which I was not keen to pay. So we found a little bar on the street with an open booth around 1130, ordered a few drinks and waited for the countdown.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Everyone spills out into the streets to celebrate. Here a group of friends playing red rover.

I hope everyone had a great New Years too. Here’s to a great 2011.


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