Missouri connection

My only friend from Missouri came to town this weekend. If I think really hard, I actually am not sure if Howard is my only friend from the midwest. Me and the midwest don’t interact much, so it’s not like it’s me hating on them or anything. But it’s just that not much is exported from there to here, except maybe wheat. Or barley. I dunno, whatever comes from there.

I think they might just be trying to isolate themselves for some reason. Maybe they’re hiding something really cool there, like 7 flags theme park (gotta be better than 6 flags right?)

He was here on some business, so I met him in Belltown near his office for some food and drink. Crystal accompanied me for safety reasons, as I don’t trust hotdog carts and there seem to be a lot of them down there. She was able to steer me clear of all of them, and we made our way to Kushibar. Sapporo and some Tofu/Pork/cabbage thing for me. It was tasty but also weird. Fried tofu and cabbage shouldn’t mix due to texture alone. Early rising led to calling it a night at 12.

Up at 6 to get to Seattle at 7. Manchester City v. Stoke in the FA Cup Final. First chance City has had for silverware in 35 years. I’ve only been a fan for 3 years, so I can’t imagine what that’s like, not winning for so long.

Oh wait. I’m a Seattle sports fan, make that like, my whole life.

Also, this is the first time I think I’ve seen more than 1 other City fan in the same place for me. Weird feeling. But it was awesome, sharing this special FA Cup victory with 6 total strangers in blue and my friends Howard, Dan and Dan who don’t give a lick about City. At least one of the teams I follow win something.

Skip ahead to the big game of the day, Seattle Sounders FC v. Portland Timbers. Started at Fuel in Pioneer Square with a few drinkies with the same gents and with Crystal too; joined a singing mob and headed down towards the stadium, ignoring crosswalk signs and everything. Rebels.

Packed house of 36K +, 500 of which are Timbers fans. Awesome atmosphere, even in the pouring rain. The fans were awesome, the soccer was not. Probably one of the worst games I’ve witnessed at Qwest Field, and the rain wasn’t the problem. I’m no soccer tactician, but I’m pretty sure passing (to your own teammate) and running with the ball are involved in the soccer, neither of which the two teams seemed to agree with me on.

Sobered up with that, and went home. Howard was due for a 6am flight, so down to the airport at 4 am after a couple hours of sleep.

Then slept til 11 Sunday, proceeded to do nothing. Ate tofu again, but with celery which I hate except with blue cheese.

Take away lessons:
-Wheat comes from Missouri
-No fried tofu with cabbage
-It’s weird when more than 1 Manchester City fan is around
-Once a year some Sounders fans and Timbers fans get together and drink, and a minor league soccer game breaks out.


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