Forum Fest

Busy busy. In between soccer games, cars, family parties, birthdays, I have little time to waste. This is a good and bad thing. I would love nothing more than to watch crappy tv, catch up on my DVR, play video games and the like, but it’s nice to be active too.

With all that going on, the car event I went to Saturday morning was the NOS Forum Fest at Pacific Raceways. I offered to help out my friends at Drift Office at the drift portion of the event which is on the back side of the track down the hill from the drag strip. Spent some time watching the drifting go by, but I had my fill at let someone else take my spot and headed up to the car show portion.

I luv hipstamatic

It’s been like 2 years or something since I’ve been to a car show. It’s more of the same really to me, some cool cars, some over the top that I don’t understand, but to each their own. The really cool stuff was the race cars, some being shown and some were there for the drag event.

I’ve always wanted a DC2 type R with the JDM front end. Always in championship white.

Some of the drag cars had the coolest work done on them. This was a K20(24?) powered civic with ITBs. Some really cool fabrication work.

I love Porsches, so here is the GT3 race car in the Speedware booth. They set up some serious race cars, and sell all the driver equipment you could ever need. I bought my Sparco seat from them way back in the day.

I really wanted to buy a Z4 hardtop coupe, or the M coupe I guess it was called. This is another Speedware car setup for road racing.

Here’s a good video I found by Taylor Hawkins covering most of the stuff that went on.


West Seattle – and they say you can’t ever go back home

Well I did.

I’m so happy.

It’s been a hectic week/month/life. About 2 weeks ago we found out we would be moving back to West Seattle from North Bend due to Crystal’s work.

I couldn’t have been more excited. I’ve not loved living in North Bend by any stretch. It’s a beautiful place, relatively peaceful, but man it’s boring and out of the way. Great to visit, but not to live (speaking for myself of course. Some people love the secluded outdoors stuff. Just not me.). Well, we had a little over a week to pack and I hired movers since it was last minute and I remember moving out of West Seattle and never wanted to do that again.

So 1 week to pack, the next weekend movers came and got all the large items, and we were mostly done. Stopped by last Monday to get the very last items loaded up and the last week have been bliss.