West Seattle – and they say you can’t ever go back home

Well I did.

I’m so happy.

It’s been a hectic week/month/life. About 2 weeks ago we found out we would be moving back to West Seattle from North Bend due to Crystal’s work.

I couldn’t have been more excited. I’ve not loved living in North Bend by any stretch. It’s a beautiful place, relatively peaceful, but man it’s boring and out of the way. Great to visit, but not to live (speaking for myself of course. Some people love the secluded outdoors stuff. Just not me.). Well, we had a little over a week to pack and I hired movers since it was last minute and I remember moving out of West Seattle and never wanted to do that again.

So 1 week to pack, the next weekend movers came and got all the large items, and we were mostly done. Stopped by last Monday to get the very last items loaded up and the last week have been bliss.


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