Outside the comfort zone

Going with the flow is generally what I do. Things don’t really affect me unless it’s something I really feel strongly about.

The same can’t be said about Crystal.

She’s very much a person who enjoys structure and doesn’t really enjoy ad libbing, or doing things off the cuff. If we’re going to do something, she generally likes to know in advance. An itinerary of where we are going, what time, for how long, and a general idea of what will transpire during and after the event is how she likes to do things.

This is a bit of an over generalization, but for the most part there is truth in it.

This week though has been quite different for her. It started Monday night when we made plans to meet our friends visiting from Hawaii to have dinner. She knew where and what time. All normal. Check.

Half way through dinner, the idea of karaoke was brought up. Before I know it, iPhones are busted out, the names of 4 places in Seattle have been rattled off and I say if I have or have not been there before, most I have not. These guys love karaoke and are determined to go. It’s not that I hate it, I’m just used to doing it at a family members house where I can embarrass myself in front of my cousins.

It’s 9.30 at night. The question is posed, so are we going karaoke? I look at her, expecting her to refuse under the guise of being sleepy and her looming work, and she reluctantly accepts. I’m shocked. But I’m two drinks in, I’m having fun, and I go with the flow.

We leave the restaurant, and she’s laughing in the car about how it’s now 10.30 Monday night at we’re going to karaoke. This is crazy, but it sounds like fun. Now everyone is going with the flow.

We end up in Chinatown, which once the sun goes down is kind of questionable. It’s 11 and we find our friends in an old Chinese food restaurant/lounge flipping through the binder which lists all the songs available to expose my lack of musical talent. I’m drinking redbull/vodkas and she’s fighting her way through some sort of cosmo shot on a Monday night. She’s going with the flow. I’m 4 in now, feelin fine. The bar is half full and everyone is having fun.

One guy does his own rendition of “My Way.” He basically had a poetry jam to himself, adding in lines from the song when he looks down at the screen, otherwise he’s making fun and swearing at his friends. I like this guy. Another lady sings show tunes. More than one person sings Bob Dylan horribly. We continue to flip through the binder finding just the right song to embarrass ourselves just enough with. I sing “Blackbird” by the Beatles. I’m kind of mumbling my way through it and I end up stopping half way through when it went on a 2 minute instrumental because I thought it was done. Oops.

We get home at 1 and I wake up at 5.45 for work. Worth it.

Wednesday ended up being more on the tame side, but we ended up staying late after our soccer game to meet up with the teammates and having some beers (I had beer, she hates the stuff, can’t break out of all of your boxes in a week). We never really stay late, especially on a Wednesday. She’s really proud of trying some new things, pushing the boundaries.

I’m proud of her too. Now she wants to find a beer that she will like. Maybe we can break that comfort zone too.

We’re only half way through the week. Let’s see what other fun we can get into.

Crystal with our friend Blane visiting from Hawaii at the karaoke bar


One thought on “Outside the comfort zone

  1. What an adorable post!! I’m with Crystal and I hate beer too but the seasonal beers are pretty good. Have her try Apricot Ale from Pyramid-It’s not that bad.


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