Sounders, Blue Scholars, 2am burgers, Drifting and Fair food – 9/17-18

Blue Scholars show at the Showbox last Saturday had the be the highlight of last weekend.


Good show, really happy I made it out. The opening act was The Physics who I really liked. Bambu was next up, I’m not huge on his stuff but it wasn’t bad. Headliners killed it. The Blue Scholars know how to put on a show, I always love their music and they did a good job of throwing in a little of the old stuff with the new album. Picked up the album and their Stussy colab shirt while I was there.

Right before the concert went to my first Sounders game in 6 weeks which was really great. Walked from the stadium to the Showbox for the show. After the show went up on Capitol Hill and grabbed Dick’s burgers. Saturday was live.

Woke up early the next morning to go to Monroe for the final Evergreen Drift Pro-am of the year. Then made the drive from Monroe down to Seattle to pick up Crystal and we went to the Puyallup Fair to eat lots of good/bad for you food. I think I made myself sick, but it’s a once a year thing right?

Crazy weekend, thanks for those who participated.


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