Summer’s gone, and the livin ain’t always easy

Listened to that a few times over, trying to envision the sun that won’t grace the Seattle area for the next 8 months.

I don’t hate the winters in Seattle, but even the most hardened Seattlite must struggle on day 72 straight of grey skies and rain flurries. Once the winter sets in though, a little snow, my legendary Thanksgivings, Christmas with the family, I don’t mind it all. I love all that stuff, so take the good with the bad.

Here’s what’s been keeping me busy the last couple months. Learn this beer wall. Learn to love it. I started working at a local bar to make some extra monies for the wedding. Gotta stack that cheez as the kids say. 7 days a week, doin work.

Last night was an event. Sounders won their 3rd straight US Open cup. Lost my voice a little today, but totally worth it. They left it a bit late for my taste, but they did what they had to and won the game. Really exciting to watch and a great atmosphere too. Here’s the boys saluting the south end.

Lastly, Crystal’s bday is coming up so for her birthday Dan got her a new Sounders jersey in “shale.” I’m jealous.

Happy birthday love!


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