Rock the box – birthday karaoke fun

October 6th. Crystal’s birthday landed on a Thursday this year, and so we both took the Friday off to relax and enjoy. We started the day late and slept in, for me it was the first time in a long time and I loved it. We needed the rest as we would have a long night ahead of us.

After Crystal’s fun Karaoke adventure a couple months ago, she was convinced that it was the thing she wanted to do for her upcoming birthday. I called up Rockbox (highly recommended) off of Broadway in Seattle and reserved a room for 15 people. Crystal said she invited 25 people but there was no way that all of them were going to come.

So we start out the night with 7 of us, I had a drink to make sure that my voice was in tune, and we go at it. Slowly people arrive and as more people arrive, (and they drink more) the more people start singing. Tons of fun.

The we hit max capacity on the room. So the 25 Crystal invited, 24 show up. I end up hanging out at the bar with those who don’t fit into the room. Everyone kind of goes in and out of the room taking turns singing, and we’re there for 4 hours. Tons of fun for everyone.

Unfortunately for me I had to work the next morning; it wasn’t my best performance. Worth it anyways.

Birthday surprise! My friend Adam moved down to LA back in June, and secretly flew up for Crystal’s (and his mom’s) birthday. We were able to surprise her and we all had lunch Friday before we went out.

Only 15 to a room they said. Invite 25 people I said. It was a tight fit, some of us had to hang at the bar. Good thing I got most of my singing in early.

Singing one of the modern classics.


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