Some experiences in life are just a small bit of luck. For me, that luck comes in the form of my wife who thus far has provided me with two separate racing experiences in my life that I cannot forget. My first one was last year when I was able to take a rally racing course in Snoqualmie Washington, and the latest one was my opportunity to autocross a Ferrari, my marquee of choice in the automotive world.

There is a company based primarily out of the east coast supplying the well to do with luxury amenities such as chartered planes, exotic cars, yachts and luxury rental properties.

The company is called Imagine Lifestyles and another aspect of their business is to travel the country allowing us normal people to autocross an exotic Italian supercar from the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini. In this case, they made their way to western Washington and my wife bought me 3 laps on the autocross course.

The F430 or the Gallardo are your options, but they do have a backup car in the form of a 599 that they weren’t allowing people to drive that day.

I was lucky enough (and schemed to) get my ride in the Ferrari F430 Scuderia, which happens to be the street racecar with carbon fiber interior, increased downforce and power, carbon brakes and other small touches making it a true racecar for the street and the ideal ride for my short time in the supercar.

Below is the blow by blow from us showing up, to me getting into the car, getting out and ending with my dumb grin that didn’t go away for hours.