Meet the Games

I wasn’t kidding about the project stuff!  In addition to the Dad duties bestowed on me, I’ve tried to scratch the creative itch I was getting doing video work, and here we are.

The story starts with a few friends of mine have endeavored over the last few years with their podcast Infinite Lives.

A few months back, Dan and I discussed the potential for a project involving some studio work to compliment and help expand the media footprint for the group – and here we are with “Meet the Games.”

The format is intended to be something akin to “At the Movies” with Siskel and Ebert.  The intent isn’t to review games in full, rather it’s a brief impression the guys get from a week or two of playing and a suggestion of who may or may not like the game and if they think it’s worth a purchase.

Here is the result:

The plan is to make this a regular thing, but also add in some other concepts.

The “studio” is a spare bedroom in my house with a set I put together to block a window.  Acoustics aren’t ideal, but we do what we can.

I’ve upgraded my D3100 to a D5200 – the camera is noticeably faster and the tilt screen is a huge plus.  I haven’t had a chance to test out how much better the sensor is at preventing the wobblies when you move around, but it’s nice to know it’s supposed to be better.

In order to try and be faux-pro, I’ve invested heavily into a cheap Amazon CFL light kit (2800 watts in 3 lightboxes with stands).  I must say I’m pretty satisfied with it.  I’ve used it for this project as well as a DIY photo booth I setup for a birthday party and while it doesn’t travel easily, it does travel.  I’m still trying to figure out the best setup for our studio lighting, but it’s always a work in progress.

Audio is still something we’re trying to figure out – Ep01 used 2 Audio-Technica ATR3350 into a Zoom H4 that’s routed into the camera.  Ep02 used an ebay special $14 shotgun mic into the H4 that’s again routed into the camera.  I’m not satisfied with either one, but I’ll continue on and see what other options I have or if I could just use my tools better.  I’ve tried cutting down on echo by hanging a comforter behind me, I’m not really sure if it was helpful or not, but I’ll keep trying things.

Anywho, it’s a fun project that I’m happy to be a part of.  I love video games, I enjoy the creativity that video work provides from set design, lighting, framing, recording and editing, and it’s always fun to work with and help your friends out.  Here’s to hoping the internet keeps watching and reading this stuff.