America – A Land Founded on Protest

This country, its flag, and our military is strong enough to withstand being questioned and criticized; even disrespected if you decide to frame it that way. I find it offensive that anyone would think less of our country’s strength and resilience, and choose to put symbols of America over the needs and cries of its citizens. The people are what make this the country that it is. Without them, the US is nothing but another rock sticking out of the ocean; the flag is nothing more than cloth; songs cannot be sung; even the Constitution is nothing more than paper and ink without its people to enact and abide.

John Adams envisioned “a government of laws and not of men.”

Unequal application of the law betrays that very notion. Everyone should be up in arms – not about the anthem or kneeling – but the betrayal by our fellow man of one of our core tenants; that all men are created equal.

I will not dismiss the collective experience of some 46 million fellow Americans when they protest unfair and unequal treatment by our police, by our justice system –

By OUR government.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said – “Somewhere I read that the greatness of America is the right to protest for rights.”

This country was founded on protest. Protest is not what will bring harm to this country. Blind loyalty to a flag and a song – at the expense of your fellow Americans – can and will harm us all.