Pumpkin patch

Today at work, a pumpkin carving contest.

Here’s my team entry.


Some of the other entries. Ok I guess.




Rock the box – birthday karaoke fun

October 6th. Crystal’s birthday landed on a Thursday this year, and so we both took the Friday off to relax and enjoy. We started the day late and slept in, for me it was the first time in a long time and I loved it. We needed the rest as we would have a long night ahead of us.

After Crystal’s fun Karaoke adventure a couple months ago, she was convinced that it was the thing she wanted to do for her upcoming birthday. I called up Rockbox (highly recommended) off of Broadway in Seattle and reserved a room for 15 people. Crystal said she invited 25 people but there was no way that all of them were going to come.

So we start out the night with 7 of us, I had a drink to make sure that my voice was in tune, and we go at it. Slowly people arrive and as more people arrive, (and they drink more) the more people start singing. Tons of fun.

The we hit max capacity on the room. So the 25 Crystal invited, 24 show up. I end up hanging out at the bar with those who don’t fit into the room. Everyone kind of goes in and out of the room taking turns singing, and we’re there for 4 hours. Tons of fun for everyone.

Unfortunately for me I had to work the next morning; it wasn’t my best performance. Worth it anyways.

Birthday surprise! My friend Adam moved down to LA back in June, and secretly flew up for Crystal’s (and his mom’s) birthday. We were able to surprise her and we all had lunch Friday before we went out.

Only 15 to a room they said. Invite 25 people I said. It was a tight fit, some of us had to hang at the bar. Good thing I got most of my singing in early.

Singing one of the modern classics.

Summer’s gone, and the livin ain’t always easy

Listened to that a few times over, trying to envision the sun that won’t grace the Seattle area for the next 8 months.

I don’t hate the winters in Seattle, but even the most hardened Seattlite must struggle on day 72 straight of grey skies and rain flurries. Once the winter sets in though, a little snow, my legendary Thanksgivings, Christmas with the family, I don’t mind it all. I love all that stuff, so take the good with the bad.

Here’s what’s been keeping me busy the last couple months. Learn this beer wall. Learn to love it. I started working at a local bar to make some extra monies for the wedding. Gotta stack that cheez as the kids say. 7 days a week, doin work.

Last night was an event. Sounders won their 3rd straight US Open cup. Lost my voice a little today, but totally worth it. They left it a bit late for my taste, but they did what they had to and won the game. Really exciting to watch and a great atmosphere too. Here’s the boys saluting the south end.

Lastly, Crystal’s bday is coming up so for her birthday Dan got her a new Sounders jersey in “shale.” I’m jealous.

Happy birthday love!

Sounders, Blue Scholars, 2am burgers, Drifting and Fair food – 9/17-18

Blue Scholars show at the Showbox last Saturday had the be the highlight of last weekend.


Good show, really happy I made it out. The opening act was The Physics who I really liked. Bambu was next up, I’m not huge on his stuff but it wasn’t bad. Headliners killed it. The Blue Scholars know how to put on a show, I always love their music and they did a good job of throwing in a little of the old stuff with the new album. Picked up the album and their Stussy colab shirt while I was there.

Right before the concert went to my first Sounders game in 6 weeks which was really great. Walked from the stadium to the Showbox for the show. After the show went up on Capitol Hill and grabbed Dick’s burgers. Saturday was live.

Woke up early the next morning to go to Monroe for the final Evergreen Drift Pro-am of the year. Then made the drive from Monroe down to Seattle to pick up Crystal and we went to the Puyallup Fair to eat lots of good/bad for you food. I think I made myself sick, but it’s a once a year thing right?

Crazy weekend, thanks for those who participated.

Outside the comfort zone

Going with the flow is generally what I do. Things don’t really affect me unless it’s something I really feel strongly about.

The same can’t be said about Crystal.

She’s very much a person who enjoys structure and doesn’t really enjoy ad libbing, or doing things off the cuff. If we’re going to do something, she generally likes to know in advance. An itinerary of where we are going, what time, for how long, and a general idea of what will transpire during and after the event is how she likes to do things.

This is a bit of an over generalization, but for the most part there is truth in it.

This week though has been quite different for her. It started Monday night when we made plans to meet our friends visiting from Hawaii to have dinner. She knew where and what time. All normal. Check.

Half way through dinner, the idea of karaoke was brought up. Before I know it, iPhones are busted out, the names of 4 places in Seattle have been rattled off and I say if I have or have not been there before, most I have not. These guys love karaoke and are determined to go. It’s not that I hate it, I’m just used to doing it at a family members house where I can embarrass myself in front of my cousins.

It’s 9.30 at night. The question is posed, so are we going karaoke? I look at her, expecting her to refuse under the guise of being sleepy and her looming work, and she reluctantly accepts. I’m shocked. But I’m two drinks in, I’m having fun, and I go with the flow.

We leave the restaurant, and she’s laughing in the car about how it’s now 10.30 Monday night at we’re going to karaoke. This is crazy, but it sounds like fun. Now everyone is going with the flow.

We end up in Chinatown, which once the sun goes down is kind of questionable. It’s 11 and we find our friends in an old Chinese food restaurant/lounge flipping through the binder which lists all the songs available to expose my lack of musical talent. I’m drinking redbull/vodkas and she’s fighting her way through some sort of cosmo shot on a Monday night. She’s going with the flow. I’m 4 in now, feelin fine. The bar is half full and everyone is having fun.

One guy does his own rendition of “My Way.” He basically had a poetry jam to himself, adding in lines from the song when he looks down at the screen, otherwise he’s making fun and swearing at his friends. I like this guy. Another lady sings show tunes. More than one person sings Bob Dylan horribly. We continue to flip through the binder finding just the right song to embarrass ourselves just enough with. I sing “Blackbird” by the Beatles. I’m kind of mumbling my way through it and I end up stopping half way through when it went on a 2 minute instrumental because I thought it was done. Oops.

We get home at 1 and I wake up at 5.45 for work. Worth it.

Wednesday ended up being more on the tame side, but we ended up staying late after our soccer game to meet up with the teammates and having some beers (I had beer, she hates the stuff, can’t break out of all of your boxes in a week). We never really stay late, especially on a Wednesday. She’s really proud of trying some new things, pushing the boundaries.

I’m proud of her too. Now she wants to find a beer that she will like. Maybe we can break that comfort zone too.

We’re only half way through the week. Let’s see what other fun we can get into.

Crystal with our friend Blane visiting from Hawaii at the karaoke bar

Senna – movie review

Promise I’ll tell you more when it’s over.

Update: My review

Were you ever able to see Jordan in his prime? Or how about Tiger play a round before he ran his car into a tree running from his wife? Being lucky enough to watch those who can be called the greatest ever is something that few are able to claim.

If you want to see the driver who is thought to be the greatest in F1 history, this movie is the best way to do it.

I was a wee one back in 1988 when Ayrton Senna won his first F1 championship, so my ability to go back that far and recall those events is impossible for me. My affinity for F1 over the last 6-7 year has led me to look back into the history of the sport, and in all my findings the name Senna has always come up. Listen to anyone who has been following F1 for more than 20 years and they will mention the name. Watching some youtube clips shows glimpses of what people talk about, but never has the whole picture been put together for me to fully understand what it all meant when he was called the greatest.

I’ve seen Michael Schumacher race in the rain. I’ve seen Vettel or Hamilton or Alonso make dangerous late braking passes (and crashes). What made him special? Why was it different for him compared to these drivers that I watch now?

After watching the movie, I feel like I have a better understanding. The movie follows Senna from his karting beginning in ’79. Then it jumps to 1984 with his first F1 races with Toleman where he took an uncompetative car at Monaco and raced in the rain to claim 2nd, quickly jumping to 85 with Lotus and his first win. Then it jumps to 1988 where he joins McLaren and Alain Prost as his running mate and future rival. This is where the story really settles in. The movie goes into some depth about the rivalry that developed between Senna and his McLaren teammate Prost, the agressive racing and politics surrounding them. From 88-93 the two locked horns, and in these 6 years the two drivers claimed 5 or the 6 championships.

The movie also gave you a glimpse into the personal life and personality of Senna. It showed a charming side of the man who was easy to like. It also showed his passion for racing and winning, and his disillusion of F1 when politics got in the way of racing. During an interview in the movie, Senna is asked what driver was most exciting to race against. He answers looking back to his karting days in 79-80 against an Englishman. He says that there was no money, no politics. It was just racing.

The story is something that was really engaging, the politics and drama almost didn’t need a racing background to be interesting. But, that’s what the movie is about, a race car driver. And it doesn’t disappoint. Even if you don’t want to hear about the politics or personal life, there is enough racing footage to keep you excited. Over the shoulder footage watching Senna fight with the tiny wheel at Monaco, then downshifting the car into the corner with one hand on the wheel at the most famous race track in the world. Or the footage of him in the 1991 Brazilian GP where Senna lost the gearbox and you watch him drive the whole track in 6th gear only for the last 10 laps. The exhaustion was so much afterwards that he could not lift himself from the car and had to be removed. Some of the best was the footage of Senna and Prost racing each other, many ending in crashes even when they were teammates.

I don’t have much to say to criticize the movie. Maybe if you don’t like documentaries it might be an issue as this is essentially what the movie is. It is done with little to no narration. There is commentary from family, friends, colleagues or coworkers of Senna throughout the movie, and lots of interviews with these people as well. Some on screen text to give context to the race or interviews you are seeing. It all feels very authentic as these are all people that lived in the world of Senna.

Overall I thought the movie was great. If you are interested in racing or F1 this is definitely worth watching. Crystal isn’t an F1 fan but was able to enjoy the movie, so I think that the story and personalities it covers in itself is interesting enough for those who don’t care about racing.