Post holidays recovery

Life gets so busy this time of year. I have a ton of family, friends and other obligations to meet plus work gets busy at the end of the year. This blog kind of goes to the wayside.

But all that’s past us now, I hope your Xmas/Chanukah/Kwanza/(seasonal celebration of choice) and New Years were fun and exciting. Hopefully you got all the fun stuff you wanted, saw all the people you wanted to, and that you haven’t broken your resolutions just yet.

Mine was to start cooking and buy less fast food. So far, I’m doing well.

My big present to myself was the Watch the Throne tour that came through Tacoma earlier this month. Jay-Z and Kanye West presenting themselves for a 2.5 hour set. No opening act, no fillers, no BS.

Gotta be one of the best concerts ever. Two of the greatest sharing the stage, and trading time between themselves to do their best solo work too. Wow. Seriously, start to finish great.


Except this one part, with Kanye, kinda getting all weird. But we will get there later.

To start, both came out on top of 20+ foot tall cubes with screens on them, 1 cube on the main stage, 1 cube on the middle of the arena. Jay-Z was closest to us on this cube, with a freaking shark.

The laser show they had going on was crazy too. Very effective use of lighting.


Here’s where Kanye went kinda buzz kill. He spent 20 minutes on his cube all red, doing some songs, but then kinda broke down in his 808s and Heartbreaks stuff, then started on a lecture talking about love, and how it’s all sad, went all emo. That and he would not stop using auto-tune. Gold digger auto tune is not something people should hear. 80% of the show he was great, the other 20% were awkward for everyone involved.

AGAIN! These guys love N*ggas In Paris. They did it 5 times, 3 of them encore. Apparently LA got it like 9 times. Awesome song though, great energy from them and the crowd. My favorite part was when they would hit the heavy bass at the end of the song. This light show looking like rain and thunder would go off, amazing. Every time the song would hit this part, you would hear Kanye, “I know right? That’s so cool.”

Definitely one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.

Nothing exciting happened during Christmas, went and saw family, it was great to spend time with them all.

Then came New Years

Spam Masubi!

First time drinking Hennessy. I like. Had some Jameson too, but I prefer Crown or Hennessy to it.

Beer pong! I won twice in a row, and unlike Jordan, went out on top.

2011 New Years Eve Beer Pong Champion

I can only hope that 2012 brings the same success.


Behind The Boards: Sabzi (Blue Scholars)- Loyalty

Behind The Boards: Sabzi (Blue Scholars)- Loyalty from WeveGotTheJazz on Vimeo.

Weve Got the Jazz did an interview w/ Sabzi of Blue Scholars fame, cool insight on how the creative process sometimes happens. Things you dismiss and never mean to get out, end up being some of the best stuff around.

Might have something to do with honesty; if you have no intention of sharing it with others, you don’t mind honest with yourself, putting yourself out there and being silly, weird, funny, or totally different than how you see yourself and how you’re “supposed” to do things. Sometimes you have to get outside the box you put yourself in?

Rock the box – birthday karaoke fun

October 6th. Crystal’s birthday landed on a Thursday this year, and so we both took the Friday off to relax and enjoy. We started the day late and slept in, for me it was the first time in a long time and I loved it. We needed the rest as we would have a long night ahead of us.

After Crystal’s fun Karaoke adventure a couple months ago, she was convinced that it was the thing she wanted to do for her upcoming birthday. I called up Rockbox (highly recommended) off of Broadway in Seattle and reserved a room for 15 people. Crystal said she invited 25 people but there was no way that all of them were going to come.

So we start out the night with 7 of us, I had a drink to make sure that my voice was in tune, and we go at it. Slowly people arrive and as more people arrive, (and they drink more) the more people start singing. Tons of fun.

The we hit max capacity on the room. So the 25 Crystal invited, 24 show up. I end up hanging out at the bar with those who don’t fit into the room. Everyone kind of goes in and out of the room taking turns singing, and we’re there for 4 hours. Tons of fun for everyone.

Unfortunately for me I had to work the next morning; it wasn’t my best performance. Worth it anyways.

Birthday surprise! My friend Adam moved down to LA back in June, and secretly flew up for Crystal’s (and his mom’s) birthday. We were able to surprise her and we all had lunch Friday before we went out.

Only 15 to a room they said. Invite 25 people I said. It was a tight fit, some of us had to hang at the bar. Good thing I got most of my singing in early.

Singing one of the modern classics.

Sounders, Blue Scholars, 2am burgers, Drifting and Fair food – 9/17-18

Blue Scholars show at the Showbox last Saturday had the be the highlight of last weekend.


Good show, really happy I made it out. The opening act was The Physics who I really liked. Bambu was next up, I’m not huge on his stuff but it wasn’t bad. Headliners killed it. The Blue Scholars know how to put on a show, I always love their music and they did a good job of throwing in a little of the old stuff with the new album. Picked up the album and their Stussy colab shirt while I was there.

Right before the concert went to my first Sounders game in 6 weeks which was really great. Walked from the stadium to the Showbox for the show. After the show went up on Capitol Hill and grabbed Dick’s burgers. Saturday was live.

Woke up early the next morning to go to Monroe for the final Evergreen Drift Pro-am of the year. Then made the drive from Monroe down to Seattle to pick up Crystal and we went to the Puyallup Fair to eat lots of good/bad for you food. I think I made myself sick, but it’s a once a year thing right?

Crazy weekend, thanks for those who participated.

The XX – Paramount Theater

Another weekend full of things done. The unexpected event was Saturday night, going to see The XX, an English group on tour. I had heard their song on the radio before, but didn’t know who they were, so when our friend Roy said he grabbed us some tickets, I had no idea what I was in for.

We started the evening at Kushibar, nice little bar/restaurant down on 2nd ave in Belltown. Dinner and a couple drinks, food was good and price was decent, I want to go back and try a few of the other dishes.

Walked a bit down to the Paramount, thinking we were going to miss the first act, didn’t realize there was a second act. Warpaint I guess is the name of the band. The music was good, but I really dig the drums that they have going on. Funny thing is, when I look up the music online now, the drums really aren’t featured very strongly which sucks.

Finally came The XX. I really like the simplicity of the music. Gives off a White Stripes vibe, a little more complex with an extra guitar, and a beat machine instead of a drum, but they don’t get too deep or too complex at any time. It was an amazing light display that went well with the music, the only problem was I was in the nosebleed section which unfortunately the lights were not meant for, as they constantly were pointed straight into my eyes and I was slightly blinded for half the show. But what I could see was really cool.

Yea yea, iPhone camera sucks in the dark, whatever.

Just make sure if you go to their show, you sit on the lowest level, otherwise you will be blinded and have a hard time enjoying the light show.

Ended the night getting a cupcake, stopping by Kushibar again for a midnight snack and headed home.