Kicks wishes – Dreams do come true? Jordan XIII

So I posted a few days ago about some of the best shoes I couldn’t get when I was a younger lad. I posted on the Jordan XIII, and lo and behold nice kicks decided to share with me how to make my dreams come true.

According to them, the XIII will be released in 2 colors this holiday season.

Do want ^^^

Not so much.

So this holiday season, I will probably be grabbing the French Blue/ Flint Grey XIII. I think the red is kinda ugly. Had it been the black/red? I would have to save up for 2 pairs of shoes.


I will hopefully have these soon

Hopefully I’ll get to watch part of the Pacquiao fight this weekend, but my cousin is shipping out for the navy and we’re having his going away party that night, so I might have to miss it 😦

PSS. Oh shit, that actually turned into a face. I thought it would just show up as a text unhappy face, but it went and made itself a real unhappy face.


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